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Holiday resorts in jamaica


getting married in jamaica

Jamaica's iconic and colourful capital city, Kingston has long been revered as Jamaica's most cosmopolitan city and the financial hub of the country. Lying at the foot of the Liguanea Plains, this bustling and eclectic city offers visitors with a varied array of fun attractions and plenty of sightseeing to do, as well as beautiful beaches and a buzzing nightlife centred around Knutsford Boulevard, famously known as the "Kingston Stirp". With a fantastic scenery as a backdrop thanks to the Blue Mountain Peak, this city has over 300 years of fascinating history and heritage, which includes the Western Hemisphere's oldest cathedral.

Top things to do in Jamaica's vibrant capital include visiting the Bob Marley Museum in Trench Town, a stop at Port Royal (probably the city's most important and legendary historic hotspot) and touring around Old Harbour and Spanish Town. Visit New Kingston and experience the country's fastest-growing business centre, here you will find most of Jamaica's modern multi-storeyed office blocks clustered in this area. The ruins at Rockfort are another sight to enjoy as are the glorious beaches like Hellshire beaches, one of the best places to swim, mingle with the locals and sample the local cuisine with fried fish and lobster.

montego bay

getting married in jamaica

Montego Bay - known to the locals as Mo Bay, is located on the north coast of Jamaica, towards the western coast. It is Jamaica’s second city after the capital Kingston and has an international airport where the majority of visitors arrive. Montego Bay is the most established resort in Jamaica and has three main beaches, Walter Fletcher Beach, Corwall Beach and the most famous Doctors Cave. With a wide variety of hotels, Montego Bay offers a range of holiday experiences from honeymoons and weddings to an action packed family adventure.

Montego Bays hotels have developed along the coast road and in the wooded hills above the town. The many shops sell local handicrafts, souvenirs, and duty-free items including perfumes, jewellery, and porcelain. Most hotels also have their own shops and boutiques. There is plenty going on in Mo Bay with golf, tennis, horse riding and a wide choice of water-sports. Yacht charters and deep-sea fishing are a popular pastime and in April, visitors can welcome the winner of the Miami - Montego Bay Yacht Race. There is a wide choice of restaurants offering menus of traditional Jamaican and a wide selection of international cuisine. The lively nightlife in Montego Bay centres around the hotels, with bars and discos and live entertainment on offer to have you dancing to Caribbean rhythms. For those who want to explore more of Jamaica there are many excursions on offer. Enjoy an island tour that visits Kingston, visit the fine old plantation houses, see Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios, or enjoy a day trip to Negril that ends with a majestic sunset. Montego Bay offers a very warm welcome and a fantastic Jamaican holiday experience.


Negril is the perfect holiday destination for those wanting to relax and take it easy. This famous 7-mile stretch of soft sandy beach lies at the western tip of Jamaica. This beach resort retains its natural beauty as no building is allowed to be taller than the tallest palm tree. The offshore reef is a haven for diving and snorkelling and Negril's rocky headland, the West End, offers some of the best scuba diving in Jamaica. Negril is a haunt for music lovers and artists and home to some of Jamaica's most popular bars, discos and live music venues. From Rick's Cafe you can watch locals and visitors dive into the sea off the West End cliffs, it is also the perfect place to sip a cocktail and watch the sunset over the Caribbean Sea. Negril’s hotels offer a wide range of activities and water-sports and a variety of restaurants offer traditional Jamaican and international cuisine. Small roadside stalls sell local handicrafts, souvenirs and are great for trying authentic local snacks.

For those who want to explore more of Jamaica there are island excursions as well as trips to Montego Bay, where the more serious shopper can browse. Negril is easy to explore, many visitors hire bicycles to get around the resort or hire a car to venture further afield. It is no surprise that many visitors to Negril return over and over again. Nowhere else can they find that combination of warm Jamaican hospitality, picturesque sunsets and that unique Negril atmosphere.

ocho rios

Ocho Rios on Jamaica's north coast, stretches 18 miles around a beautiful bay. Its beaches are ideal for swimming and water-sports. The bay is flanked by lush tropical vegetation of palm trees, sugar cane, coconut, and fruit plantations. The town of Ocho Rios has shopping plazas, craft markets and roadside stalls selling local handicrafts and souvenirs. There is also duty free shopping in the plazas in town and the larger hotels have a range of boutiques and shops. With a wide variety of restaurants available you can sample spicy local dishes, enjoy fine contemporary cuisine or eat at one of the major fast food chains. Ocho Rios is also a popular call for cruise ships, where passengers can easily disembark to visit the local attractions.

Just west of Ocho Rios you will find Dunn’s River Falls, one of Jamaica's most famous natural attractions, where you can marvel at the beautiful cascades and swim in the refreshing cool waters. Other popular excursions go to Fern Gully, and Shaw Park Botanical Gardens. Daytime and evening cruises are also popular around the stunning bay. Do as much or as little as you choose in this fabulous area of Jamaica.


port antonio

Being the capital of the parish of Portland, Port Antonio sits on the north-eastern coast of Jamaica, at about 100km from Kingston. Feautring thet island's largest port, this town is one of the island's most important points for the shipping of bananas and coconuts as well as an idyllic spot providing escapist and romantic holidays in secluded beach locations.

Many members of royal families, movie stars, great musicians, and well-known politicians have visited Port Antonio, which once upon a time also was the 18th century base of the British Navy. One popular sight in this area is the Blue Lagoon, which owes its colour to its depth of 200 feet. Other fascinating sights include the secluded Frenchman's Cove Beach, the ruins of Folly Mansion and the historic DeMontevin Lodge. The Rio Grande River, Boston Bay and Reach Falls are also close by and a stay in Port Antonio will give guests easy access to these fascinating sites.

port royal

Also known as the "sunken city" after a series of sunken ships, earthquakes, subsequent fires, flooding and hurricanes repeatedly destroyed the area between 1692 and 1907, the city of Port Royal is a living piece of rich history, once home to Spanish privateers and pirates.  Located at the mouth of the Kingston Harbour in southeastern Jamaica, this once commercially lively city that has become a fishing town since Kingston took the main commercial role has only recently begun developments to turn it into a tourist destination serviced by cruiseships and with plenty of archaelogical findings to attract visitors.

Nowadays, Port Royal is known to post-medieval archaeologists as the "City that Sank". It is considered the most important underwater archaeological site in the western hemisphere, yielding 16th–and-17th-century artifacts and many important treasures from indigenous peoples predating the 1588 founding, some from as far away as Guatemala. Several 17th and early 18th century pirate ships sank within Kingston Harbour and are being carefully harvested under controlled conditions by different teams of archaeologists. Other "digs" are staked out along various quarters and streets by different teams.

A haven for avid explorers and history-loving tourists, Port Royal has been featured as a location in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean film series, though much of the location work for Port Royal was actually done on the island of Saint Vincent, not in Jamaica. Michael Crichton's 2009 novel, Pirate Latitudes, also has extensive scenes taking place in Port Royal in the mid-1660s.

runaway bay

Runaway Bay, the site where Columbus first landed in Jamaica, lies between the two resorts of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. Runaway Bay is quieter and more relaxed than the neighbouring resorts and caters well for families and couples of all ages. Runaway Bay’s hotels are located by the beach or above, in the gently sloping hills that lie behind the coastal road. The stunning beaches are good for swimming and excellent for water-sports including wind surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving. There are a range of activities and facilities available including golf courses, museums and a variety of restaurants and laid-back bars.

The area around Runaway Bay is a mecca for music fans. The tiny village of Nine Mile celebrates Jamaica's most famous son, Bob Marley who was born and later buried in the village. Runaway Bay’s proximity to Ocho Rios means that duty-free shopping and Dunn’s River Falls are easily accessible. Further inland set in forested green hills is the Goshen Widerness Resort, popular for fishing and horse riding. There is also a nearby equestrian centre at Chukka Cove that features polo matches, horse-riding lessons, and trail rides through neighbouring plantations. To the east in the town of Oracabessa, is Goldeneye, the former home of author Ian Flemming. Runaway Bay is in the heart of the north coast and an excellent base for those who are looking for a little more than a beach holiday.

strawberry hill


Trelawny overlooks a secluded bay of golden sand making it an ideal holiday destination for families and couples alike. Set on the island's north coast, Trelawny’s beautiful stretch of soft sandy beach and crystal-clear waters are ideal for swimming, enjoying water-sports or simply soaking up the sun. This fabulous resort offers a range of activities and facilities as well as a variety of restaurants and bars. The atmosphere in Trelawny is considered very laid-back, even by Jamaican standards, making it the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday.

Falmouth the nearby parish capital is well worth a visit. Once wealthy from the export of sugar and rum to Europe, this former economic centre is one of the most historic parishes in Jamaica. Its beautiful but faded architecture, unfolds the past glory of this quiet town. For those who want to explore more of the island enjoy an excursion to the action capital Montego Bay to the west or visit Dunn’s River Falls near Ochos Rios to the west.