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Holiday resorts in grenada

grand anse

getting married in grenada

Grand Anse is located in the beautiful southwest corner of Grenada and is the most popular beach on the island. This two-mile stretch of soft white sandy beach is the perfect place to soak up some sun and really relax or enjoy a variety of water sports in the calm clear waters of Grenada with snorkelling and scuba diving being a real highlight. Grand Anse beach also hosts a lively market where you can purchase local art such as paintings, batik and wood carvings. Two miles away you will find the bright and colourful capital St George's. This town of vibrant markets, old forts, churches, and gardens is really worth a visit. You can wander around small and interesting shops, see a visiting cruise ship or sample some of Grenada's spices.

A range of local excursions are on offer to discover Grenada's stunning scenery and attractions. Tour options include a visit to Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve or a jeep tour through the tropical rainforests. You can also visit waterfalls and boiling springs, charter a yacht, take a boat cruise and much more. Grand Anse is an ideal place to appreciate all the charms of a Grenada holiday.

l'anse aux epines beach

getting married in grenada

pink gin beach

Pink Gin Beach is a secluded white sand beach located at the south-western tip of Grenada. This popular beach resort provides the perfect spot to escape, relax and unwind.  It is a place where the calm sea breeze sways the palm trees, the tropical sun warms your spirit and the sound of the sea gently sooths away the cares of everyday life. Pink Gin Beach is less than six miles from the sights of the capital St George's and less than five miles away from the lively market at Grand Anse Bay, so you can choose whether to shop, sightsee or while away the days on the beach.

Pink Gin Beach is a fantastic scuba diving and snorkelling destination with an abundance of coral reefs and marine life. There are also a wide variety of other sports and activities on offer include sailing, parasailing, waterskiing, and windsurfing. There is also a nine-hole golf course near Grand Anse Bay.  A number of local excursions and tours are available from Pink Gin Beach: You can visit Grenada’s natural attractions including Annandale Waterfalls, Grand Etang National Park and Levera National Park. Tour a nutmeg processing station, rum distillery, or a plantation house. Explore St George's with its horseshoe-shaped harbour or take a jeep tour through tropical rainforests. Other options include deep-sea fishing, whale and dolphin watching, sunset cruises and a day trip to Carriacou. To savour all that is Grenada, be sure to enjoy a nutmeg sprinkled cocktail at the end of a balmy Caribbean day.

tamarind bay

Tamarind Bay, on the Southwest tip of the island is very popular with two soft white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. This is a secluded, picturesque location yet is less than 6 miles from the Capital St George's and only 4 miles from the main shops at Grand Anse Bay. Tamarind Bay is the ideal location from which to explore Grenada and take advantage of the varied water sports on offer. Scuba diving here gives visitors the opportunity to see barracuda, rays and reef sharks. Dive sites suit beginners or advanced divers and there is even a cruise ship wreck. Local tours include trips to see Concord or Annandale Waterfalls, Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve or River Sallee Boiling Springs. You can take a jeep tour through tropical rainforests, see a rum distillery or nutmeg processing station and have lunch at Morne Fendue Plantation House.

At Tamarind Bay you can choose to be active and take advantage of the water sports centre, or unwind and relax on a beautiful beach. At the end of your perfect Caribbean day you can enjoy a sunset cruise or soak up the evening entertainment in your hotel.