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Holiday resorts in antigua

carlisle bay

getting married in antigua

devils bridge

getting married in antigua

Devil’s Bridge is located on the north-eastern point of Antigua in the Devil's Bridge National Park. Devil's Bridge itself is a natural limestone arch which was carved over countless centuries by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The rugged beauty of this natural landmark is a dramatic contrast to its dark and tragic history. During the colonial era it was here that desperate slaves chose to toss themselves into the sea rather than live in slavery. The national park has hiking trails and hidden caves just waiting to be explored and also offers the chance to get away from it all and discover the pristine beauty of Antigua's north coast.

dian bay

Dian Bay is an idyllic resort that incorporates white sandy beaches and exotic vegetation. Hidden away on the unspoilt northeast coast of Antigua, the resort lies adjacent to the Indian Town National Park. Thought to have been an Arawak campsite prior to the arrival of Europeans, the national park incorporates marked nature trails and crystal-clear bays. The historic Devil’s Bridge is only a brief walk away. This natural arch was carved by the sea from soft and hard limestone ledges of the Antigua coastline. There are many other points of outstanding natural beauty in the area around Dian Bay but the pristine secluded beach is the main attraction.

dickenson bay

Dickenson Bay is on the northwest coast of Antigua and is less than three miles from the capital, St John's. The coastline of Dickenson Bay is made up of a stunning group of beaches. Fine white powdery sands and clear sparkling waters make it haven for water-sports and boating enthusiasts. The water is usually calm and this area is particularly suitable for children. Dickenson Bay has a range of locally payable activities on offer including, windsurfing, waterskiing, parasailing, jet skis, pedalloes, catamarans, kayaking, sail boats, snorkelling, scuba diving, yacht charters, golf, cricket, tennis, horse riding and hiking to one of Antigua's many hilltop fortifications. Local excursions are also on offer to explore the island and include shopping in St John's, sightseeing in Nelson's Dockyard, visiting Betty's Hope and helicopter tours.

english harbour

Situated at the island's most extreme southern region, English Harbour is Antigua's graceful and evocative historic district, full of charm and folklore. Taking its name from the nearby harbour in which the English Royal Navy established its base of operations during the 18th century, English Harbour is a centre ideally suited for boating and yachting. It is here that Anituga's Sailing Week takes place as one of the top regattas in the world with six days of challenging racing and plenty of social activities for everyone to enjoy.

Best known for Nelson's Dockyard which occupies the site of the British Navy base, English Harbour has a wealth of historic places to visit including restored buildings and other historical artefacts from the colonial period, especially from the time it was commanded by Horatio Nelson.

five islands

Five Islands is located on the west side of Antigua just four miles from St John's. This spectacular peninsula consists of four secluded crescent-shaped beaches offering white sand, sparkling turquoise water and coral reefs. Five Islands boasts some of Antigua's best beaches and has beautiful landscaped gardens, a freshwater lake and saltwater lagoon. It is also home to Antigua’s only ‘clothing optional’ beach. The waters of this area are calm and offer excellent snorkelling opportunities. Other attractions in the area include St. John’s, Andes and the Megaliths of Greencastle Hill. From Five Islands, visitors can learn all about Antigua without having to venture too far from the beach.

jolly harbour

Jolly Harbour is situated on the southwest corner of Antigua, just six miles from St John's. This splendid setting has a modern self-contained village with shops, bars, restaurants, an 18-hole golf course and a marina filled with luxury yachts. The resort area of Jolly Harbour boasts lush tropical gardens, landscaped peninsulas surrounded by inlets and a mile of white sandy beach. Water sports on offer are plentiful and include wind surfing, waterskiing, parasailing, jet skis, pedalloes, catamarans, small sail boats, kayaking, snorkelling and scuba diving. Other activities include golf, mini-golf, tennis, squash and biking. There is plenty to do here for both adults and children. A range of local excursions offer many sightseeing opportunities and you can visit the museum at Nelson's Dockyard, a fully restored sugar mill at Betty's Hope, the capital of St John's or nearby islands such as Barbuda. There are glass-bottomed boat trips, deep-sea fishing and helicopter trips, organised dives to various sites such as the designated underwater park at Cades Reef and eco tours of mangrove swamps and Bird Island.

jumby bay island

Two miles off  Antigua's north-eastern coast lies the country's best kept secret, a private 300 acres long gem of pristine beaches accessible only by boat and comprising a selection of luxury suites and villas in a private island setting.

One of the most secluded of Caribbean hideaways, Jumby Bay has the unique background story of once being an ancient coral reef originally discovered by Columbus in 1493. Starting off as a sugar mill, after a series of owners, a small group of homeowners decided to buy the whole island to protect it from becoming overpopulated and to preserve its secluded ambience. It was then that they hired Rosewood Hotels & Resorts to manage the resort with the focus of keeping Jumby Bay as a unique ultra-luxurious island resort at the top of its class.

mamora bay

Mamora Bay on the south side of Antigua boasts a gentle hillside that cascades down to a wonderful white sandy beach. The headland is surrounded on three sides by the tranquil waters of the Caribbean Sea and offers stunning views over Mamora Bay. Antigua's beaches are spectacular and the waters are as warm as the welcome you will receive from its friendly people. Nearby English Harbour contains the historic Nelson's Dockyard. This naval centre has inns and nautical buildings dating back to the 18th century when the British Navy used this area as an important base. You will find a small village at neighbouring Falmouth Harbour with relaxed restaurants and shops. For fine views over the south coast, Shirley Heights provides an ideal lookout point with the remains of substantial fortifications. At Mamora Bay you will find a varied choice of water-sports and activities to suit both adults and children.

morris bay

Situated down Antigua's south coast, only a short way from Turners and right alongside the plush Curtain Bluff hotel, Morris Bay is said to be the most spectacular of beaches for watching sunsets in Antigua.

Withs its clear waters fringed by tall coconut trees and sceninc surrounding landscape at Morris Bay you'll always find some friendly animals grazing around. Cows and horses can often been seen enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings. The water on this beach side is often just a little cooler and glistening crystal clear making it perfect for some peaceful snorkelling time during your Antigua holidays at this virtually deserted beach.

st johns

St John's is the capital of Antigua and is a vibrant hub for shopping, sightseeing, and dining. Candy-coloured buildings line the streets and the skyline is dominated by the impressive white baroque towers of St John's Cathedral. The quiet quayside at St John's transforms into a vibrant and colourful market when cruise ships dock in the harbour. Heritage Quay offers the best shopping and the buzzing markets on the southern edge of St John's come alive on Friday and Saturday mornings. Folk crafts, tropical fruits, and a buzzing crowd make for an exciting morning. To learn about the island's early cultures, visit the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, housed in a 1750s colonial courthouse. The museum also celebrates Antigua’s fierce devotion to cricket with memorabilia from the islands cricket legends including Viv Richards on display. Cricket is played everywhere on Antigua but The Antigua Recreation Ground is one of the most exciting places in the world to observe a game of cricket.

st marys

The parish of Saint Mary's in Antigua sits on a secluded area of immense tranquility where little activity can be found, except for that provided by the resorts in the area, most of them luxurious and with their own set of private beaches. Located on the sprawling and pristine grounds of Antigua's undeveloped south coast, St Mary's boasts a stunning landscape against a backdrop of rolling hills and lush tropical rainforest.

St Mary's is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy quiet and relaxing Antigua holidays in a virtually untouched setting while being only 30 minutes away from the famous Nelson's Dockyard and the lively English Harbour.

valley church