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weddings in the grenadines ...

weddings in the grenadines ...

weddings in the grenadines ...

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weddings in the grenadines

The Grenadines are probably the most exclusive and most virginal islands in the Caribbean, widely recognised as a special sanctuary for lovers, newlyweds and couples alike looking for romantic and unspoiled seclusion. A wedding here will dazzle you and your partner as you enter a world lost in time and space with little but the basic elements to witness your vows of love.

weddings in st vincent and the grenadines

why get married in the grenadines?

Can you think of anything more unique and exceptional for your special day than getting married in a private island in the Caribbean? Weddings in The Grenadines are always very private and intimate affairs and the simplicity and beauty of it all is in its own way quite extraordinary. The Vincentian Grenadine Islands are spread across 40 miles of shimmering blue ocean, stretching like a necklace of precious stones. And best of all only 7 of these islands are actually inhabited, meaning that your dream of a wedding in a deserted island can be realised in spectacular virginal surroundings. These are islands especially tailor-made for those with a bit of Robinson Crusoe in their souls as you will notice the complete seclusion and lack of human built stalls, shops and hotels. Pick a deserted Grenadine island, an island just for the two of you, an island and nothing more to witness your celebration, nothing else in sight but you, your lover, the sand, the sky and the sea...WOW!! If that isn't enough to take your breath away than most probably nothing ever will.

st vincent and the grenadines weddings

romantic scenery of the grenadines weddings

It's no wonder they picked these islands for filming Pirates of the Caribbean, as each one of them is blessed with its own character, spared from the hype and glitz that have spoilt so many other Caribbean Islands. A wedding here is an event different from any other celebration in the world, here you have the unique option to be strictly selective about how and who you want in your wedding: it could be in a resort in Palm Island with every tiny little detail being catered for or it could simply be as minimalist as it gets, just the two of you in a small island world of your own...what more could you ask for when it comes to romanticism? Weddings in The Grenadines simply go beyond your expectations, beyond the limits and beyond all conceivable concepts of romanticism. Forget your idea of haven't experienced real romance until you come to wed in these exceptional islands.