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weddings in the bahamas ...

weddings in the bahamas ...

weddings in the bahamas ...

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weddings in the bahamas

If you've pictured your wedding to be on a tropical setting, surrounded by the mist of beautiful hibiscus, bougainvillea, palm trees and white sandy beaches, accompanied by an ever shining sun, The Bahamas are an idyllic location for tying that special and unbreakable knot. The Bahamas are not only a beach wedding destination; here your wedding can be hosted at several beautiful locations under a radiant Caribbean sun. Your tropical wedding doesn't need to be at the beachfront, although with the outstanding beauty of the several wondrous beaches here you will be spoilt for choice if a beach location is what you are after.

weddings in bahamas

why get married in the bahamas ?

The Bahamas are the perfect Caribbean wedding destination not because of its azure beaches but because of the wide choice of wedding locations available here. For those religious ceremonies where you will want your magical union to be blessed from above, in The Bahamas and more precisely in Nassau you'll find an array of beautiful churches old an new, including Anglican, Catholic and Lutheran churches. Some of these picturesque churches date back to the 16th century, adding a touch of historic glamour to your special day. You can wed in an Anglican cathedral from the 17th century where Queen Elizabeth II of England is known to have worshipped or go for a smaller more private chapel for the exchange of your vows.

bahamas weddings

romantic scenery of bahamas weddings

If you're a hopeless romantic and have imagined your wedding days in a Romeo & Juliet setting among dreamy cloisters hidden away from the world, you can celebrate your nuptials in a breathtaking 14th century Augustinian gazebo with cloisters set atop a hill overlooking the ocean on Paradise Island. A picture perfect period wedding that you will treasure forever. Nature lovers that wish to make their union at one with the earth can choose a beautiful garden location where you'll be surrounded by lush native plants and flowers that will put a rich and colourful touch to your special day. But that is not all, if you want that little extra factor for your wedding, at The Bahamas you can go for more exotic locations if that's your wish. You can get married at a romantic pier location against the backdrop of blue waves accompanied by the hues of glistening tropical colours or go for a unique boat location, the ultimate in romantic fantasies. As you promise eternal love to your beloved you will be sailing into the tropical sunset aboard a 65 foot Catamaran that will make your wedding a glorious fantasy come true. Famous celebrities like Cindy Crawford have made The Bahamas their wedding paradise, and we are sure that these islands' many enchantments can also make yours an exceptional and memorable day to cherish long after your wedding.