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weddings in the dominican republic ...

weddings in the dominican republic ...

weddings in the dominican republic ...

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weddings in the dominican republic

Weddings in this beautiful small tropical land have been getting increasingly popular over the last few years and it's not hard to see why. The picturesque buildings, the laid-back atmosphere, the stunning beaches, the lush flora and blue skies provide a unique setting for an unforgettable wedding ceremony. The best of it all and one of the reasons why couples keep choosing this as their Caribbean wedding paradise is that here you can honeymoon in the same place where you got married and make that memory last for that little bit longer. Let us help you find the perfect hotel and venue for your Dominican Republic wedding and we will make your ceremony a truly distinctive one of a kind.

weddings in dominican republic

why get married in the Dominican Republic?

Our hotel weddings in the Dominican Republic are simply splendid; we have a range of outstanding hotels that excel at putting together wonderful wedding packages. But all kinds of weddings can be arranged here, while some couples may wish to go for a fairly simple and small ceremony by the beachfront at either sunrise or sunset, others may long for a more extravagant affair, and the Dominican Republic caters for that too. You could for example, arrange to have the festivities spread out so that you begin celebrating a few days before the actual wedding and have a week of pre-wedding activities enjoying massage & spa treatments, chilling and relaxing before the big day.

dominican republic weddings

the dom rep romantic wedding scenery

The Dominican Republic is a beautiful place in which to celebrate your wedding and officially proclaim your love to the world in an intimate atmosphere surrounded by natural splendour and an ever-shining sun. With its old colonial buildings and historic romantic feel the Dominican Republic will not fail to surprise you with its little wonders. And after your wedding ceremony has taken place you can indulge in a small boat ride through endless mangrove forests as you let your senses rest after the emotions of the day.