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get married in st lucia

get married in st lucia

get married in st lucia

wedding ideas to get married inst lucia : The Honeymoons and Weddings Abroad Place
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wedding ideas to get married in st lucia

St Lucia has more natural contrasts and wonders within its borders than many of the other Caribbean islands put together. With its dramatic scenic views of lush green and its famous twin peaks, St Lucia offers the most varied and romantic landscape as the perfect backdrop to beautiful weddings. And with the ease of arranging weddings virtually anywhere in the island you couldn't be more spoilt for choice when in search of your ideal St Lucian wedding venue.
Your St Lucia Wedding can take place:

Weddings With a Difference

weddings in st lucia

Wedding On a beach

St Lucian beaches are breathtakingly beautiful; their azure waters beautifully merge with the deepest blue of the cloudless skies to offer lovers a romantic location for a pure and simple wedding. Imagine the sand between your toes, the sun shimmering above you and giving an extra special glow to your ceremony as you exchange your vows in the most natural surroundings. We can arrange stunning beach weddings to suit every taste and desire, just let us know and we will strive to make your every wedding wish come true.

st lucia weddings

Wedding By a Waterfall

St Lucia is an island of rich vegetation variety and dramatic contrasts in its abundant and diverse flora, also blessed with some exceptional waterfalls. Get lost in a jungle adventure as you marry in front of a beautiful waterfall, providing the perfect magical backdrop to a beautiful wedding ceremony. Imagine witnessing the breathtaking site of cascading waterfalls amidst a lush valley of green hues, if you close your eyes you can hear the sound of the cascading waters flowing down from the tropical rainforest right into the pool behind you as you are surrounded by peaceful and paradisiacal gardens..pure bliss.

Wedding In a Luxury Private Villa

St Lucia boasts some of the most beautiful villas in the Caribbean and they all offer an idyllic location for hosting wonderful wedding ceremonies. For an intimate and exceptionally romantic alternative choose to have your ceremony in one of our luxury villas and stay over for your honeymoon if you want the bliss to last for that little bit longer. As sure as your love for each other we're sure that you'll also fall in love with the beauty surrounding our charming private villas.

Wedding In a Private Tropical Garden

If your dream of wedding perfection is to have it in flamboyant and natural surroundings you couldn't have picked a more vegetation rich island than St Lucia! Boasting some spectacular views over the endless blue sea, we have beautiful garden villas and lush locations with decked balconies that can host beautiful weddings of any size. The options are many, including dining and receptions and impeccable accommodation for bride and groom.

St Lucia Wedding At La Haut plantation

Out of all the possible plantation sites in St Lucia we have selected the most exceptionally located, close to the beachfront and offering paradisiacal scenic views in a rainbow of contrasting colours. La Haut Plantation is a splendid location with the backdrop of the awesome Piton Mountains overlooking the town of Soufriere. Contact us for details on how to arrange a beautiful wedding at this exceptional site.

Wedding In Marigot Bay

For the perfect romantic escape you could choose an amazing rainforest hideaway with views to the sea. Marigot Bay is regarded by many as the most beautiful bay in the Caribbean and is the perfect venue for an extraordinary wedding ceremony. Here you'll be marrying on the dockside, overlooking the beautiful bay and close to a sandy beach perfect for romantic picture taking. Your reception can also be held here and delightful mouth-watering delights can be prepared specially for you and your weddings guests by our friends at the Rainforest Hideaway. Just get in touch with us to find out more about getting married in these exclusive settings.

Wedding On Pigeon Island

For a truly secluded and breathtaking location away from it all, Pigeon Island stands as the favourite setting for impeccable weddings. The scenic location and the luxuriously landscaped lawns with tropical foliage, historic ruins and pristine beaches offer an idyllic setting for a special wedding ceremony. Situated on the North of St Lucia; Pigeon Island stands as a natural wonder in the form of a breathtaking National Park. A naturally beautiful location offering a variety of contrasting sites for the most beautiful wedding photographs.