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get married in bahamas

get married in bahamas

get married in bahamas

wedding ideas to get married inbahamas : The Honeymoons and Weddings Abroad Place
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wedding ideas to get married in bahamas

The Bahamas offer lovers infinite beauty with an added touch of simplicity to create simply beautiful weddings and if you thought your options were limited to breathtaking beaches and hotels, think again! Here we offer you the following venues for holding your special wedding ceremony in The Bahamas:

Weddings With a Difference

weddings in bahamas

Wedding In a Church

The Bahamas are home to a diversity of faiths and religions and here you'll find churches following Anglican beliefs, as well as Roman Catholic, Assemblies of God, Baptist Churches of Christ, Greek Orthodox, Lutheran, Free Evangelical, Methodist, Presbyterian, Islamic, Jehovah's Witness and even Baha'i. So if you want the ideal religious wedding ceremony in the beautiful and quaint churches of Bahamas you will certainly be spoilt for choice. The most popular churches for marrying in the Bahamas can be found in Nassau, a city with 400 years of history and churches that reflect the grandeur of the colonial era. Among them is the beautiful Anglican cathedral where Queen Elizabeth II of England is known to have worshipped.

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Wedding On a Beach

All of Bahamas' beaches are outstandingly and breathtakingly beautiful but there are a few that we can highlight as the perfect venue for your dreamed beach wedding. The beautiful Paradise Island is a favourite choice for lovers and tourists all-year round because of its stunning beauty and the fact that a wedding here is very easy to arrange. However if you want a less well-known secluded beach equally beautiful then Cave Beach is a perfect option as well as Tahiti Beach, the quietest beach in Abacos and a favourite for couples and sailing lovers. Of course your options don't end here; there are many other beautiful private beaches in all of the Bahamas islands. For most beach weddings there are resorts and hotels that offer the whole package for attractive prices including some hotels that offer free weddings for those that choose their hotel as their honeymoon destination. Just browse through our list of hotels here to find your perfect beachfront wedding.

Wedding In a Tropical Garden

Nature lovers and couples looking for a secluded natural retreat in which they will be surrounded by blooming greenery, gently swayed by the breeze with its leaves rustling at the rhythm of your "I do's'" will have found their perfect wedding paradise at one of Bahamas' beautiful tropical gardens. You can choose between the grandiose Botanical Gardens in Nassau, the colourful Parrot Jungle's Garden of the Groves in Freeport or go for a garden provided by your hotel or resort. Get lost in Mother Nature's unique gifts and exchange your vows amidst the fresh fragranced hibiscus, the beautiful bougainvillea and the charming gardenias and poincianas.

Wedding On a Pier

A rustic wooden pier can be the platform to catapult you to your new life together as husband and wife in a unique setting in the middle of the crystalline turquoise waters. This way you'll be making your vows of eternal love not just by the beachfront but in the beach itself, towering above it in your private pier gazebo. You can already picture your stunning wedding photos: gulls in the wind and a confusion of perfectly blended hues of blues and the purest whites.

Wedding Afloat On a Catamaran

For the ultimate wedding fantasy to be made into a glorious reality get married in a private romantic boat and bless your union with the soft lapping of the waves. For a romantic yet intimate ceremony sail away in a 65 foot catamaran and slowly watch the sunset as you embark upon your new lives together. There's no better way in which to begin a honeymoon than skimming over the waves whilst you and your lover remain locked in a warm embrace.

Wedding in a Luxury Villa

Often referred to by the rich and famous as "the most unusual villa rental in the world" this luxury Bahamas villa in the beautifully secluded Nygard Cay is a true dreamland for lovers, said to be the most amazing villa rental experience! This is the place where Mayan Civilisation comes together with a sport lovers' thrills creating a wedding planners' dream wedding location. This modern and astounding piece of architecture is a 150000 ft wonderland of exuberance and excess. Holding up to 500 guests and with the spacious rooms of a colossal pre-Columbian structure exuding history and a mystical Mayan allure, this villa is a perfect combination of old and new, of rustic and luxury, of simplicity and refinement to create the most stunning wedding ceremonies. World-renowned celebrities like Sean Connery, Robert DeNiro, Oprah Winfrey and former President George H.W. Bush have all taken time to enjoy the wonders of Nygard Cay Villas, a luxurious cay with all the comforts; perfect for a lavish romantic wedding and an active honeymoon with many activities on offer including waterslides, human aquariums, a fishing vessel, boats, a 24 seat movie theatre and countless Jaccuzzis. For a truly extraordinary wedding in a matchless setting get married in this peculiar and exclusive cay and have your honeymoon in one of its extraordinary villas.