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get married in british virgin islands

get married in british virgin islands

get married in british virgin islands

wedding ideas to get married inbritish virgin islands : The Honeymoons and Weddings Abroad Place
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wedding ideas to get married in british virgin islands

These islands are specially suited to those couples looking for the ultimate beach wedding destination, as you won't find more virginal coasts and purity of beaches like the ones at British Virgin Islands. This is the reason why the most popular choice of wedding venue in these islands are its immaculate beaches at sunset. But your choices do not end here, there's a lot of ways in which you can tie the knot in The British Virgin Islands:

Weddings With a Difference

weddings in british virgin islands

Wedding In a church

Churches here are mainly situated in the main islands of Tortola and Virgin Gorda. You can choose from a variety of religious worshipping centres, including 2 Anglican churches (one of which is St Phillips, also a historic landmark built in 1840), 3 Baptist, 3 Catholic, 2 Assemblies of God, a Church of God of Prophecy, a Church of God Holiness, a Jehovah's Witness' church and a Methodist Church among a few others. If choosing to marry by church you should take care to plan your wedding with as much time as possible as in a local British Virgin Islands' church, the wedding bans must be published on three consecutive Sundays or Saturdays prior to the ceremony in your chosen church. You can also arrange; depending whether your religion allows it, to have the priest come to your beach wedding and marry you there, for this however you would have to check personally as many religions are not permitted to conduct wedding ceremonies outside their jurisdiction.

british virgin islands weddings

Wedding In a tropical garden

Here you will find perfectly secluded and well manicured gardens for the most beautifully lush wedding you could ever imagine. For a breathtaking garden location choose to host your most important event at J.R. O'Neal Botanical Gardens in the island of Tortola; a floral paradise with several colourful pathways and famous for its entrance via the enchanting "Walk of the Palms". Your wedding here can take place in a lovely yard, perfect for accommodating a large number of guests. If however you are looking for a more intimate affair then marrying by a beautiful garden fountain will provide a magical setting at which to exchange your vows amidst the closest family members and friends. Or get married in a private garden, either one from a hotel or any other of your choice. Whatever the garden, our promise is to provide you with the most beautiful ones in the whole of The British Virgin Islands for you to choose from.

Wedding In Cane Garden Bay

Cane Garden Bay is probably the most popular wedding venue location in The British Virgin Islands. A wedding ceremony here will take place at a lovely bay beach surrounded by amazing vegetation, resembling a natural wild garden. This has to be the top beach wedding destination for lovers looking for the perfect deserted beach location with spectacular sunsets!

Wedding In a Private Villa

For intimate weddings in a private and peaceful villa setting go for what's probably the best villa in these islands and host your ceremony at Fort Recovery Beach Villa. This beautiful villa was built around an original 17th century Dutch Fort and today offers stunning views of the beach due to its close proximity to the beach shore. Catering for wedding couples and its guests alike this picturesque villa is also an ideal honeymoon place with all the comforts and amenities you would expect from a top class hotel.

Wedding On a Beach

If you want your wedding to be a simple and natural affair, without much extra ado but still exceptionally beautiful and intimate, The British Virgin Islands' spectacular deserted beaches will provide you with the most virginal and immaculate settings ever imagined. If you want to see nature in action as the background to your beach wedding choose to marry in Josiah's Bay, as here you'll find the biggest waves in all of the islands. A surfer's paradise, Josiah's Bay is also home to many surfing events in Tortola and will give your wedding a touch of passionate wildness as the waves rolling in the background unite in your love fest. On the other hand, for a perfect calm and serene setting choose the heavenly Lambert Beach, a haven for lovers in search of that perfectly undisturbed natural setting where all stands still. And if what you want is a big beach wedding with a large number of guests, then your place is The Beach at Nanny Cay. This outstanding beach is decorated with beautiful bougainvillea throughout and set up with twinkle lights and tents, making an altogether elegant and colourful setting. But if what you want is your beach wedding to be really unique and exclusive you can pick from any of the other smaller 40 islands and cays part of The British Virgin Islands and have a special ceremony in your own deserted place!

Wedding On a Private Island

Guana Island is a rare gem and one of the few remaining private islands in this part of the world. For the ultimate Caribbean wedding experience in 850 acres of undisturbed natural beauty with seven turquoise pristine beaches and a low key level of stylish luxury, there isn't a more romantic and spectacular place for tying the knot. All details for a beautifully appointed wedding are at your service here, including floral decorations, massages for the groom and bride, champagne toast and wedding cake plus many other luxurious extras.