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get married in dominican republic

get married in dominican republic

get married in dominican republic

wedding ideas to get married indominican republic : The Honeymoons and Weddings Abroad Place
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wedding ideas to get married in dominican republic

The Dominican Republic is the ultimate place for a calm and serene wedding with that added touch of culture. Here you will find the perfect balance between intimacy and a vibrant and friendly atmosphere. One of the best reasons to get married in this country is that hotels here offer wonderful package weddings meaning that you can enjoy your honeymoon in the same beautiful place where you got married. Mostly famous for their wonderful hotel and beach weddings, the Dominican Republic has other places at which you could host your special event and here we present you with the most popular options:

Weddings With a Difference

weddings in dominican republic

Wedding In a church

Since the Dominican Republic is largely a country of catholic faith there is little option but to marry in a Roman Catholic Church if what you want is a religious ceremony. There are also a few other variants of churches of Christian faith including Baptist, Evangelist, Anglican and Methodists and a few synagogues for those of Jewish beliefs. Many churches here are spectacular buildings that have managed to stand against the test of time and keep their colonial grandeur. Some of these churches are so old that they date back to the medieval era, like the legendary cathedral of Santa Maria La Menor, where Columbus's bones rested until their discovery in 1877. Just imagine getting married in one of these sumptuous cathedrals and having the perfect traditional wedding under a Caribbean sun.

dominican republic weddings

Wedding On a beach

This paradisiacal island of endless beaches and blue skies is best suited for those who want a perfect and memorable beach wedding with guaranteed sparkle and sunshine. By far the most popular way to get married in the Dominican Republic; beach weddings here are taken to another level in luxury and charm. Most beach weddings will be provided by our wonderful hotels and resorts here, offering impeccable package weddings with many extras and all the added glitz and glamour you could possibly desire. From private and simplistic ceremonies to luxurious big weddings for many guests, our selected hotels cater for it all. This is by excellence the number one destination for spectacular beach weddings and we can attribute its increasing popularity to the Dominican Republic' combination of pristine beaches, hassle-free arrangements and colourful flair. The best hotels specialising in beach weddings are in the resort areas of Punta Cana, Puerto Plata and Playa Dorada, where beautiful gazebos or flower arches can be set up for a stunning wedding under the sun.

Wedding In a tropical garden

If in search of tropical gardens as a venue for your wedding, we can guarantee that you won't find any more beautiful than some of the ones inside various Dominican Republic hotels. There are some selected hotel gardens that are both romantic and exuberant enough to make the perfect venue for a splendid tropical garden wedding. A perfectly manicured garden for the most romantic flower-filled wedding is the garden at Hotel Riu Palace Macao with its lush surrounding acres of lush vegetation and beautiful flora, making a breathtaking setting for an unforgettable wedding. Just ask us for our list of selected hotels offering impeccable garden weddings and we're bound to find you the right lush grounds for your ceremony amidst natural splendour.

Wedding In a luxury Villa

For the most exclusive and romantic wedding ceremonies choose to rent a luxurious villa located on the unspoilt pristine shores of the northern coast of this paradise island. These secluded villas offer unmatched surroundings and are located close to the beach in case you may want to go for a romantic stroll after the ceremony or indeed choose to marry by the beachfront whilst digging your toes in the fine sand. Whatever you want to get out of a beautiful and intimate villa wedding contact us so that we can customise your requirements and make your special day extra special.