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get married in bermuda

get married in bermuda

get married in bermuda

wedding ideas to get married inbermuda : The Honeymoons and Weddings Abroad Place
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wedding ideas to get married in bermuda

You have already decided that Bermuda is the perfect romantic paradise for your fairytale wedding, however if you thought your options were limited to beaches and resorts think again! This island is full of wedding options to be enhanced by unique Bermudan wedding traditions.
In Bermuda you can get married:

Weddings With a Difference

weddings in bermuda

Wedding in a Church

You'll be surprised to learn that this island has more churches per square mile than any other country in the world! Most churches being Anglican and Roman Catholic, there are also some of Apostolic Faith, Baptist churches, Brethren, Christian Science, Church of Christ, Church of God, a Lutheran Church, Jehovah's Witnesses churches, a Jewish Synagogue, Pentecostal Churches, Evangelical, Presbyterian, Methodists and the list of different churches goes on and on, so if you haven't found the one holding your beliefs mentioned here just ask us, Bermuda almost surely has it. If you are looking for beautiful landmark churches there are 3 beautiful medieval ones to choose from, the oldest being the Anglican church of St Peter's, containing the oldest example of Bermudian woodwork existing today. Another beautiful and well preserved structure is the gothic Cathedral of the Most Holy with fabulous panoramic views overlooking Hamilton city. And if you've dreamed of getting married in magnificent abandoned ruins, you can have your wedding at The Unfinished Church, today a protected historic monument part of the St George's World Heritage Site.

bermuda weddings

Wedding On A Beach

For simply awe-inspiring weddings in natural surroundings Bermuda offers an amazing South Shore location where you can rejoice in your newly proclaimed love as the sun sets over the crystalline waters. You could even hire a boat to a deserted island and marry in the ruins of a deserted castle by the beach shore. The options are virtually endless with the wide array of beautiful Bermuda turquoise beaches and its miles of sparkling white and your lover will simply be spoilt for choice.

Wedding In A Tropical Garden

Bermuda is an island that likes to look after its rich vegetation in natural preserves and beautiful natural parks. If you've dreamed of tying the knot amidst lush greenery and blossoming flowers Bermuda offers you three beautiful gardens to choose from. Waterville Park stands just by the water's edge of Hamilton Harbour, in a spectacular setting, ideal for the most stunning weddings. Nestled among this park's lush grounds there is a lovely wedding gazebo surrounded by magnificent vegetation and illuminated by the island's ever shining sun. Another all-time favourite garden location for weddings is Bermuda's Botanical Gardens; an impressive stretch of 36 acres of wild paradisiacal beauty perfect for splendorous weddings amidst the delightful flora. With its blossoming orchids and hibiscus gardens, couples marrying here will also enjoy beautiful views of the lush green house plantations. And last but not least are the graceful Palm Grove Gardens, a private state opened to the public to offer lovers scenic views of a beautifully teamed piece of Mother Nature. These lovely manicured gardens also have a lively aviary with parrots and toucans plus a romantic moongate among citrus groves and breathtaking sea views. But these are not the only garden wedding options in Bermuda; we still have to mention the Par-La-Ville Gardens, a well-cared oasis right at the centre of Hamilton with benches, beautiful plants and romantic footpaths.

Wedding in a scenic dock on Harrington Sound

Harrington is a large and beautiful inland lake located at the northeast of Bermuda and surrounded by the main island on all sides. This is a unique and breathtaking setting for an exclusive wedding. Imagine getting wed in a beautifully adorned dock with hues of pure turquoise in the background and the soothing sound of the gentle breezes echoing your names in the distance. A unique and romantic place for couples looking for an exceptional gem of a wedding location.

Wedding Under a Moongate

If you want something other than a traditional wedding gazebo to get married under, and you are looking for that special something to add more meaning to your ceremony, then marrying under one of Bermuda's famous Moongates is the perfect option for you. Legend has it that couples who kiss under this wedding band shaped archways will find good fortune and happiness in the years ahead. This is especially true for lovers and honeymooners and is said to bring their relationship good luck and prosperity. This peculiar arch, from Chinese and Japanese origins is many centuries old and the first plan to have one in Bermuda was brought from a Chinese garden in the 1800s by a local sea captain. Since then it has become one of Bermuda's national symbols and many Moongates have flourished across the island's gardens to embellish the landscape and welcome lovers into their new lives together.

Wedding in a Mansion

Owned by the Bermuda National trust the legendary Springfield mansion dating back to the 18th century is another favourite location for wedding ceremonies in Bermuda. Located in the quiet and peaceful Somerset Village, and surrounded by the beautiful Gilbert Nature Reserve, this is a one-of-a-kind location for a truly special wedding ceremony. Alternatively choose the 300 year old mansion of Verdmont, a top Collector's Hill in Smith's with sweeping views of the ocean and beautiful surrounding nature, yet another treasure to make your special day truly memorable. Both mansions are unique and exquisite; offering the perfect setting for your wedding ceremony, the reception and the dinner party.

Wedding in Astwood Park

Astwood Park is set looking over Astwood Cove; a small and intimate secluded beach bordered by steep cliffs. With these spectacular views, the park is a favourite venue for lush outdoor weddings. The park features picturesque picnic tables, parking spaces and toilets with a secret romantic path leading down to the cove for the couple's private sunset after-party.

Wedding in a Resort

Most of our resorts here in Bermuda offer beautiful wedding packages to suit all tastes and cater for all your wedding wishes. Many hotels offer you the choice of selecting between beautiful locations either inside or outside the resort, and several of these pre-packaged weddings are an excellent option for those minding a tight wedding budget. We guarantee you that in our hotels there is something to please all couples, whether you are looking for something intimate and simple or if you want your day to be as extravagantly luxurious as possible. We do certainly have it all!! Just browse through our lists of hotels and see the many easily customisable options available to make your wedding day truly special.