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get married in mauritius

get married in mauritius

get married in mauritius

wedding ideas to get married inmauritius : The Honeymoons and Weddings Abroad Place
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wedding ideas to get married in mauritius

Mauritius is a land of blooming natural wonders and beautiful powdery sand beaches. In this island lurks a spellbinding ambience of romance that will capture your senses and have couples enchanted by its exotic allure and outstanding natural beauty, surrounding couples in a warm feeling of love and pure ecstasy. And as wide and varied as this magical island itself are the many options of tying the knot in our various and beautiful wedding locations:

Weddings With a Difference

weddings in mauritius

Wedding In a Church or temple

Beautiful religious ceremonies can take place in Mauritius in the form of Adventist, Anglican, Presbyterian and Hindu traditions. For a traditional Catholic ceremony (although harder to arrange for non-Mauritians) we have a good selection of beautiful churches well suited for weddings and offering exceptional extras like the option of having a musical choir. One of them is the St Barnabas Church, idyllically located by the famous botanical gardens of Pamplemousses, perfect for an after ceremony photograph session and conveniently close to a number of restaurants in the area, ideal for hosting the wedding reception. The St Andrews Church, on the other hand is located in a quiet residential area on a large plot of land with convenient facilities like florists and restaurants also close at hand. This church is recommended to guests that plan to stay in the west and south resorts of Mauritius whereas the St Barnabas Church is more suitable for couples honeymooning in the northern area of Mauritius. But if you are more inclined towards celebrating your marriage in a more spiritual and grand location the 19th Century Hindu temple of Triolet Shivala could become your romantic haven of love. Whatever your religion, faith or beliefs we can make your ceremony a truly outstanding event.

mauritius weddings

Wedding On a beach

Mauritius beach weddings are simplistic and elegant, intimate and classy, both secluded and open... all beautiful and timeless. For the perfect Mauritius wedding of your dreams most of our resorts offer wonderful wedding packages located on the island's most breathtaking beaches, which can be adjusted to your specific needs and desires. Just contact us to explore the endless options for an idyllic Mauritius beach wedding just as you imagine it.

Wedding In a Tropical Garden

If you want to be surrounded by teeming nature on your special day Mauritius will live up to your natural fantasies with its unique and grand natural parks, the most famous of which (also being the most visited attraction in Mauritius) are the Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens; an overflowing display of exotic flowers, fish ponds and an amazing collection of Queen Victoria water lilies. And because the park is so large you can get lost in the bevy of palms, flowers, ponds and shrubs as you exchange your vows of love. This unique natural park dates back to 1735, took 5 years to complete and was carefully created for a member of the royalty, so there couldn't be a more exuberant and luxurious natural setting for a beautiful wedding ceremony. And for a flower-filled, delicately fragranced ambiance in the midst of a large variety of tropical fruit trips choose to marry at The Labourdonnais Orchards, a 100 acre state perfect for the most simplistic and natural weddings imaginable. And to finish our parade of beautiful natural settings we have the outstanding Black River Gorge, the largest national park in Mauritius; a large esplanade famous for its waterfalls, wonderful mountain vistas and inhabited by the two rarest birds in the world, the Mauritian kestrel and the Pink pigeon. A selection of beautiful nature reserves to host a splendorous wedding ceremony.

Wedding Afloat On a Sunset Cruise

For an intimate and romantic ceremony we can organise a catamaran for a lovely sunset cruise on Mauritius' calm waters. This cruise wedding will spoil you and your lover as you set sail and embark on your new life together amidst a sea of deep blue where you will look on as the sun slowly sinks into the horizon. The closest of friends and family members can join you in this private celebration which includes a round of cocktails with delicious snacks, desserts and drinks. Everything will be provided to add that special touch to your cruise wedding, from the decoration of the boat with garlands and flowers, to the beautiful wedding cake and the champagne, leave it to us to take care of your stunning sunset cruise wedding.

Underwater Wedding

For those looking to get married in a truly unusual and exceptional setting we have the magical and unique option of a fabulous underwater wedding! Imagine tying the knot in a beautifully decorated submarine, 40 metres under the sea with the entire beautiful undersea world flourishing before your eyes in Mauritius' colourful coral reefs. The wedding ceremony will be filmed by a member of the crew and the cake and champagne will also be beautifully laid out in a decorated table. The whole experience will last around an hour and you will be able to bring from 2 to 8 guests with you to share this magical moment.