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get married in mexico and cancun

get married in mexico and cancun

get married in mexico and cancun

wedding ideas to get married inmexico and cancun : The Honeymoons and Weddings Abroad Place
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wedding ideas to get married in mexico and cancun

Mexico is an enchanting country with a colourful mix of cultures and an intoxicating atmosphere. And the resort area of Cancun is a magical zone full of beautiful treasures to enchant lovers in search of an exotic yet elegant destination for their wedding day. You can include unique aspects to your wedding and fill it with exotic Mexican traditions and have a traditional Mariachi band serenading the newlyweds. Your wedding options in the tropical and majestic Cancun are varied and exotic in their own special way. Just have a look and you'll be surprised to learn that your possibilities here are truly endless and have no boundaries.

Weddings With A Difference

weddings in mexico and cancun

Wedding With a Stunning View Of The Ocean

If you want to marry against the backdrop of lashing waves against a beautiful compound of rocks there is no better place or more beautiful coastal settings than the ones in Cancun. A wedding here will be beautifully enhanced by nature's wildest and richest elements, all of which will be in full splendour as the breezes and the waves bewitch lovers with their musical sounds. A simple wedding here can be easily arranged if all you want is a private ceremony for you and your partner or if you prefer you can add and customise as many wedding elements as you like. And if you want the whole family to come along and be the guests to an intimate celebration we can easily set up wedding chairs, a dressed table for the cake and even build a flower arch for the couple to kiss under. The options are endless and it's ultimately up to you to create the wedding of your dreams amidst Cancun's dramatic coastal scenery.

mexico and cancun weddings

Wedding On a Beach

The tropical waters of Cancun beckon lovers into their haven of natural beauty and stunning vibrant colours. For luscious beach weddings with an added touch of elegance and simplicity choose to marry by Cancun's deep blue waters. Everything can be set up here for the perfect beach wedding of your dreams; from a flower arch or wedding gazebo carefully located to enjoy the best background sights, to numerous chairs and a red carpet for walking down the aisle to a banquette of dining tables set just by the beach shore. Every little detail can be easily arranged. Just contact us to tell us about what your ideal Cancun beach wedding would be and we will add as many elements to it as you wish. Alternatively why not choose a packaged beach wedding from our selected hotels, they all offer beautifully put together ceremonies with everything included and if there's something that you do not see on their list that you would specifically require let us know and we will contact the hotel with your request.

Wedding in a Tropical Garden

Most of the natural gardens in Cancun are inside its most luxurious resorts which also conveniently offer stunning wedding packages. Probably one of the most beautiful pool gardens is the one at Marriot Casa Magna, a lush green space surrounded by waterfalls and swaying palm trees that seem to gently whisper in the air. A romantic location for a truly inspired ceremony amidst a paradise of true natural beauty. Many other resorts in Cancun also offer truly beautiful garden weddings in their flower-filled grounds which can be as customised as you like and can include arrangements to have your wedding reception in the same grounds whilst surrounded by stunning lush greenery. And for the ultimate green wedding get married in Cancun's most amazing natural park; Xcaret. This is a place of mystical caves romantically lighted with candles, a cascading waterfall, and a sparkling water inlet. The bright green of Xcaret's lush vegetation together with the backdrop of the Caribbean Sea offer an idyllic location for a wedding ceremony that can take place in a range of indoor or outdoor locations, during the day or at sunset, where the park romantically lights up with candles and a full display of subtle colours adorn the night...

Wedding Among Mayan Ruins

Cancun is not just another tropical resort of turquoise beaches and powdery white sands; it also holds an ancient historical value in the remains of what once was the great Mayan civilization. This is still present today in the form of the grand remainings of Mayan architecture and pyramids, a perfect setting for unique and exotic weddings. For a fairy tale wedding in a unique location get married here in the Riviera Maya where the beauty of the Caribbean beaches and the warmth of a grandiose era will hold you in a mystical embrace. Close by you will find the beautiful Playa del Carmen, a stretch of unsurpassable calm turquoise beaches where you can go for a romantic stroll after the day's magical events.

Wedding On Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a small island just off the coast of Cancun where your wedding dreams can come true in a spectacular fashion. Here no two weddings are alike thanks to the degree of customisation and detail that this island offers. Beautiful and intimate weddings can be arranged for large wedding parties or small and simple gatherings can be made extra unique for you and your lover. Isla Mujeres certainly has the seclusion, elegance and inspiring ambiance for the perfect wedding experience.