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get married in sri lanka

get married in sri lanka

get married in sri lanka

wedding ideas to get married insri lanka : The Honeymoons and Weddings Abroad Place
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wedding ideas to get married in sri lanka

Sri Lanka is a magical place of colour and flair where nature and tradition beautifully combine to make a perfect plateau for an extraordinary wedding experience. This country is famous for its flamboyant and extravagant wedding festivities, always celebrated with a big bang including traditional dancers and drummers and the newlyweds being carried of in ceremonially dressed elephants. Whether you want a traditional Sri Lankan wedding with all the trimmings, or you are more inclined towards an exotic location or even if all you want is a quiet beach wedding away from it all, your options are varied and virtually endless:

Weddings With a Difference

weddings in sri lanka

Wedding In The Jungle

If you want to marry in a wild location among Sri Lanka's rich jungle vegetation, we have just the perfect place for you. The Elephant Corridor is a beautiful boutique hotel set in a jungle plain of 200 acres, close to the 5th century rock fortress of Sigiriya; also recognised as the 8th wonder of the world. Nestled between water bodies, wildlife sanctuaries and the ruins of ancient cities, there isn't a more magical place in which to take your wedding vows. The intimate setting and the splendid beauty of nature at its best and purest will inspire lovers, creating a perfect atmosphere for lasting romance in the wildest, most exhilarating wedding experience anyone could ever have.

sri lanka weddings

Wedding In a Hot Air Balloon

For an unusual wedding ceremony where you'll be taken to the skies and beyond why not marry in a hot air balloon and say your wedding vows as you and your partner are elevated to the skies. The balloon can be hired for up to a total of 16 wedding guests, and the ceremony can take place whilst you are suspended in mid-air with a rope attached to the ground or as you travel among the clouds in an amazing hot air balloon flight. The balloon will be beautifully decorated for the occasion with lace & ribbons and a personalised phrase branded on the balloon (eg. "Congratulations Sandra & Rick"). You can even bring along an onboard cameraman, photographers and waiters (with the limit of 14-16 people in total) it can all be easily arranged. So why not go for this exceptional wedding experience where you and your lover will be flying right up to the sky and dancing among the clouds like a couple of love struck lovebirds.

Wedding On a Beach

For simple beachfront weddings or big ceremonies by the seaside for a large number of guests; Sri Lanka's beaches welcome lovers into their pure white shores and beckon them to unite in their love at the sound of the lapping waves. And if you want true seclusion and privacy, an intimate wedding ceremony can be arranged in a private island, part of Sri Lanka's smaller keys. Whatever your dreams of a beach wedding in Sri Lanka we have tools to make it all come true.

Wedding On a Tea Plantation

Colonial properties in Sri Lanka have been fully renovated to present lovers with a perfect location for their dream wedding. Here you can select from a beautiful array of perfect plantation bungalows, luxuriously furnished and set amidst working tea plantations. The finest example of these is Agar Estate; a privately owned family tea plantation set at the foot of the beautiful Adam's Peak. This lavish estate is classically designed and is one of the oldest tea plantations dating back to 1870 and covering 2 and a half acres of lush tropical garden. A perfect place to fall in love with the stunning nature surrounding it and exchange vows in its garden summerhouse, filled with orchids and wild flowers. For a less rustic and more elegant wedding experience get married in Ceylon Tea Trails, once the home of British Tea Estate managers and now a collection of 4 luxurious bungalows, each with its own identity and set amidst spectacular views of a well manicured garden, the bay and the hills. This is also a perfect location for a breathtaking church wedding with a beautiful traditional church close by amidst the buoyancy of the hillside plantation. You will enjoy beautiful panoramic views as the backdrop to your wedding and you will be surprised to learn that the tea made here, called Ceylon tea, is acknowledged to be the finest in the world. And for a less pricey but equally stunning tea plantation go for the Bonnieland Bungalows; a dreamland of gardens, flowers and fragranced fruit trees close to ancient temples, living monasteries and tea states...the perfect retreat for lovers looking to get married amidst unsurpassable natural beauty.

Wedding In a Villa

In Sri Lanka there are several pretty villas beautifully secluded in the countryside and if you are looking to host your wedding in a quiet and charming village atmosphere there's no better place than the quaint Nisala Arana. This village villa is set in an enchanted 4 acres of gardens and a winding path leading to a classic Dutch colonial house. The perfect fairy tale setting for a simple yet refined wedding ceremony. But your options don't end here; your other more luxurious choice is the lavish River House, a sumptuous villa set on a belt of coconut plantations and surrounded by lush woodland. A charming beach is also adjacent to the house and is only available for the exclusive use of The River House guests. Just imagine the contrast of your wedding pictures as you and your lover are framed in beautiful natural backgrounds ranging from mountaintops, green hills, flamboyant gardens and calm beaches. The River House is and idyllic place for a very special occasion, special and unique as your wedding should be.